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Electric bikes (E Bikes) offer all the benefits of traditional cycling - freedom, convenience, practicality - but with an important difference - none or little of the effort. That's because you pedal only when you want to. The rest of the time, you can let the motor take the strain. People who thought they'd never ride again are getting back on the road, will you be joining them?

More information:

• No licence, tax insurance or MOT required

• Can be ridden by 14 year olds and above on the road (as with pedal cycles you should not ride on the pavement)

• Up to 15mph - some models require pedalling, others are twist and go

• All models come with a charger which plugs in at the mains

• Charging takes between 6 and 8 hours at a cost of 8-12p!!!!

• Distance travelled on a charge varies up to 40 miles

• An affordable and enjoyable alternative to costly cars and inconvenient public transport.

• We are agents for Byocycles, FreeGo, Powabyke, Roodog, Cyclotricity, Wisper, Benelli and Conv e kits.

• All models are fully BS approved and legal for use in the UK with full warranty

The Technical Bit

• 24 volts and 36 volts are typical power supplies for E Bikes.

• The “AH” figure represents the amount of power stored. The higher the AH, the further the E Bike will travel on one charge.

• Brush and Brushless motors are used in E Bikes. Brushless is the more efficient type.

• Lithium batteries are widely used. These are lighter and more expensive than SLA (Sealed Lead Acid)

• The batteries can usually be removed from the E Bike as a cartridge. They can be recharged on or off the E Bike with the intelligent charger supplied.

• TAG (Twist and Go) As the terms suggest some E Bikes are supplied to be used somewhat like a Moped, climb on, twist the grip and away you go, without the need to pedal at all.(These are not legal for road use.)

• PAS (Pedal assist) Again this mode will assist you only when YOU pedal.

Our showroom, situated just outside Leicester city centre with ample parking, is the perfect place to discover E Bikes.


We stock multiple demo models for your convenience, so you can try before you make the decision to buy one of our top-of-the-range e-bikes.


At Grand Prix Scooters, you'll discover a team of passionate and qualified E Bike enthusiasts who can advise and guide you on the best choices.

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